Wednesday, December 01, 2021


 ...peace is some bizarre hamstring pull. peace is a notice for jury duty and the holidays looming. peace is knowing my mom is alone in our family home and grandma is dead and kerry is dead, and karin, and my dad. peace is being fifty years old, gray hairs overtaking the black ones, a fuller face, so many scars. peace is godtwins who turn ten this weekend and not quite being the cool auntie anymore. peace is bills and juggling side jobs and changing lightbulbs and mailing christmas presents on time. peace is not having a defined career, still choosing to rent instead of buy, a twelve year old car with a fresh dent in the door. peace is thinning hair and thickening belly, scuffed furniture and all of the spills. peace is laser tattoo removal, stepping in gum, traffic jams and saying goodbye, sometimes for now, sometimes forever. peace is knowing you behaved badly and doing something, or not doing something, about it. peace is a full laundry basket, a ruined recipe, blisters and finally saying no. peace is sunshine and rain, running out of gas, and ultimately all of us, running out of time...

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