Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Live Stream Quarantine

i'm a crier to begin with, always have been. i've learned to love that about myself, being actively open and willing to be moved. i fill to overflowing with the recognition of someone else's sameness or the brilliance of the contrast. i weep over the vulnerability of an infant (any species), the joyful pride of loved ones, and share the grief of any kin or kind. 

yet during this time of impenetrable unknown i'm finding myself unexpectedly resistant to stepping to the edge, unable to fully lean in. it's not how i live and it's not what i want. anymore than i want to lay my yoga mat between my coffee table and tv without my teachers or fellow yogis nearby. but it's how it is FOR NOW. and what i'm receiving from these unavoidable perimeters is a rectangular haven where my somehow-stuck-tears finally fall. safer-at-home means ugly-sobbing for an hour (for no specific reason and for every obvious reason), it means crying through the chaotic and the mundane. and, thank god, it means not needing to have a reasonable response or reliable recovery. once again, limitation has revealed limitlessness. it leaves me in awe. 

so i say thank you to YOGA, for decades of showing up for me. and i say thank you to my TEACHERS, who are creating time and space for me to show up for myself, lean in, step to the edge, and fully live... 

here are just a few fabulous folks streaming classes right now. the practice will move you, fill you, lift you, ground you. i'll be there with you, together at a distance.