Monday, May 11, 2015

hubba bubba bubble gum

...this morning during savasana i swear i smelled hubba bubba bubble gum, which threw me back to school bus windows slid down to the click, long hair flapping in the dusty country wind, half kneeling on my back pack to see above the seats (embarrassing remnants of a brown bag lunch squished within, no cheetos no capri suns no oreos, just cut carrot sticks from the garden and thick slices of cheddar cheese slapped between some kind of grainy 'good for you' bread), which threw me back to the jb thomas cafeteria at lunchtime, and escaping the awkward maneuverings of where to sit by wandering into the foosball room, in hopes of seeing that beautiful boy who kissed me on the stairs that one time, which threw me back to those stairs, which i heard were torn down a few years ago, along with the auditorium where the choir and band concerts were held (all of us lined up on risers, covered by robes, zipped up to the chin and sweating), where we performed our school plays and cried every closing night as we wrote on the cement walls hoping we'd made some indelible mark on our audience and each other...


  1. so evocative... love it

  2. love YOU! someone just asked me where juicy fruit takes me and here is my reply: ...juicy fruit takes me to trick or treating in the hills of hillsboro, oregon, back when neighbors gave out homemade cookies and shiny wax-free granny smith apples picked from their own backyard tree, when the adults weren't afraid of rat poison or hidden razors, and my older sisters were costumed as a raggedy ann doll or daisy duke in daisy dukes, and my brother was a hobo or a clown and i was a cat because it meant i got to have an extra pair of ears and a fabric tail, and my favorite treat was my grandma's popcorn balls, sticky with orange jello flavored marshmallow goo, and i tried, in vain, to trade my packet of gum for anything chocolaty...