Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lately. And then...

Lately these Mindy Smith lyrics have been on repeat in my head...

All the busy people keep walking away
Like they can't see me or anything
Everyday it gets a little harder
To believe in magic and people

And then, today…

I hear the door scrape open, the sound nibbling at my skin. I look up and see a white stick extending from his hand. He takes three medium-sized steps into the coffee shop but he's still two medium-sized steps from the counter. He stands there comfortably but I immediately tense. I am sure no one will notice. The line is forming to his left yet he is nowhere near. People enter behind him and get in line, adding to its length. They don’t see, they don’t see, I think, silently shrieking, don't you dare don't you dare pass him up…And just when I'm about to leap from my seat, the guy who is next up at the counter, leans out of line, puts a light hand on the man's shoulder and draws him in. That's when I start crying. They step up to the cashier and she says 'Hi Jose,' and takes his order. I keep crying as people thoughtfully move around him, anticipating his next move, unceremoniously, and without haste. No one scrambles, no one says anything stupid, no one is awkward or overly helpful. When he bumps into a chair at the table next to me, the woman gracefully slides her laptop and papers out of the way. She says, 'That seat is free,' and Jose says 'Thank you,' and sits, folding up his white stick. When the barista calls out his name, Jose stands before I can, but this kid has already grabbed the coffee and is at Jose's side saying 'I got it. You want a sleeve on the cup?' The kid says it naturally and Jose says 'Yes, thank you,' and the kid grabs one and slips it on. Jose receives his drink and turns toward the door. A woman is already there, saying, 'I've got it' and Jose smiles and walks out into the world.

Magic and people.


  1. Fecking beautiful. Thank god things like this happen. Thank you for reminding me. You're words are a blanket of hope.

  2. Oh Yes. Makes me think of this Buechner quote:
    "Here is the world.
    BEAUTIFUL and terrible things will happen.
    Do not be afraid."
    Thank you for this Kimberlee Soo.

  3. Beautiful moment. Lovely reminder. thanks for observing and for sharing.