Saturday, March 09, 2013

On the 1

There’s this spot on the 1 heading north, where you come through a tunnel and the first thing you see is ocean meeting sky. It always surprises me and I involuntarily take a deeper breath than I’ve taken the entire drive. It’s when I remember where I’m heading and why I got in the car in the first place – Malibu Mountains, Pacific Ocean.  I am no longer just a car on pavement in a stream of other cars on pavement. I have a destination. 

As I continue north, while simultaneously bending and wending west along the curve of the water’s line, I see more sea, more surfers, campers, doers, and I feel safer. Definition forms around me and my present is engulfed in place.  Rock and dirt shape a sheltering wall to my right and the yellow and white lines are now bowling alley bumpers keeping me sturdily in my path. I have only to continue.

Eventually, I pass the Smokey The Bear wooden cutout, with his perma-painted-on-pants, and I’m assured that the fire danger is LOW today. It’s a delightfully guileless omen and I feel grateful that neither the hiking trail I may follow nor the lifeguard station I may sit beside is likely to catch fire (today). This is very good.  It seems more accurate than Doppler radar. This woody almanac is a sign in all senses of the word.

I always hit the curve where the road disappears before I expect to. There’s a stretch where it bends behind the next crag and the panorama fills with more ocean than land, seeming to spill over the shoreline, onto the sand, and roil right for my road – but just in time, the earth turns and the highway opens up, and I see I have as much distance to travel as I desire.


  1. Stunning. Thank you for this.

  2. grateful for your presence, here, there and everywhere, So'ham xo

  3. Intuitive and a breath of fresh air.