Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things I sometimes wish I still had…

The top bunk of the triple bunk bed I shared with my sisters

The oversized red plastic spoon I used to stick in my mouth that had a smiley face and hair painted on it

The 3 crockpots I gave away

The letter I typed to my brother on my grandma’s old typewriter

The book I made in 3rd grade about stuffed animals who came to life in a candy store

The memory of the boy’s face that kissed me in the swimming pool at drama camp

The ignorance of sun damage

The speckled leaf I stuck in a book and gave to Goodwill

The ridiculous amount of money I blew on gold hoop earrings to prove a point to the dismissive sales girl

The black and white of my childhood religion

The first day of summer vacation

The blank slate of tattoo-less skin

The jewelry box with all the little drawers I would fill with things and put on a high shelf and try to forget about so I could get it down later, when I’d forgotten what was in there

The place in my closet where I curled up with my stuffed animals and imagined I was on Noah’s ark

The broken blue tile I found on a path at Starved Rock

The pocket-sized leather Filofax I gleefully filled with crisp new calendar pages each December

The copy of Chronicles of a Death Foretold that I loaned to… someone

The copy of Empress of the Splendid Season that I borrowed from someone… then lost

The heart-shaped ring I discarded because I bent it swinging on the jungle bars

The box of negatives I kept of all the pictures I took with my first camera

The vinyl album Urban Chipmunks with Alvin performing a duet with Brenda Lee who sings, “Alvin, I don’t know what to say / You’re a chipmunk, I’m a lady / We don’t have much in common / I’m a country girl…”

…and my red and white striped record player

40 minutes on the el train

Notes passed in the hall between classes

Conversations free of suspicion

Suspicion justified as intuition

Swollen toes from pointe shoes

Ticket stubs from every concert I’ve ever attended

My 26 year-old butt

My 13 year-old dreams